Upcoming Event

EXCLUSIVE Open House Event!

June 20, 2023 - June 23, 2023

You're invited to our Open House Event!


We are offering special savings to our new and current patients. Don’t miss your chance to save during this event!

We will be offering the following FREE SERVICES:

  • Electronic hearing screening by our licensed hearing specialist
  • Be one of the first to try Audibel’s latest technology, Intrigue AI! Better hearing never sounded so good!
  • Our best-sounding hearing aids yet. All-new Ear-Brain Technology™ makes Intrigue AI hearing aids sound true to life. Enjoy clear, true-to-life sound quality!
  • If you currently wear hearing aids, we will be cleaning and checking them at NO CHARGE.


Meet Our Special Event Consultant

Amanda Barnhart

Amanda Barnhart has helped thousands of people on her journey to better hearing. Her experience gives her tremendous insight into the problems and frustrations that accompany hearing loss. Her time is dedicated 100% to traveling across the country to help people with all types of hearing loss.

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