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Introducing iQ – Made to enhance every experience

No two people are alike and neither are their hearing losses and lifestyle needs.  We offer an array of affordable hearing aid options to meet every budget, cosmetic and hearing loss need.  Our certified hearing aid specialists use a personalized approach in recommending hearing aid options to best meets every patient’s preferences. Below you will learn about the many different hearing aid technology features offered as well as our friendly purchase financing options.

Stay connected to the people and things you love.

We’re excited to introduce our new iQ line of product families – A4i™ iQ, A4™ iQ and Invisibel™ Synergy® iQ – designed to provide you with more immersive hearing experiences, enhanced sound quality, reliable technology and a higher level of satisfaction.

Learn More about A4 iQ, A4i iQ and Invisibel Synergy iQ

Note: We service other makes and models including Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Widex, Siemens and many more.